Known to most as Fuzz, Arfaaz began his musical adventure at the tender age of three, when gripped by an overwhelming urge to determine the source of music emanating from the mysterious heights of his father’s wall cabinet. The pursuit of this led to a tremendous fall, cushioned only by the thick tuft of fuzz on his head. It is believed that the impact led to a rewiring of his neuro-impulses causing an undying love for music and a unique approach to audio creation that he likes to call fuzzy logic.

Having played for rock/funk and electronica bands like, Slow Down Clown, Galeej Gurus, Zebediah Plush and Tempo Tantrick, Arfaaz currently resides in Marseille, France and works independently as a music director composing music for television commercials, films, radio and promos besides performing live electronic music as Fuzzy Logic.